Street Parade is the project of Harley Cally Miller

We moved to Scotland from Norfolk in 1977 when our four daughters flew the nest. Harley's career has been in architecture and visual art, Cally's in personal counselling.

In 2009, spurred on by the steady decline of our local high streets, we began the design and development of the first online Street Parade website featuring London’s Regent Street.

We assumed that those holding the responsibility for the well of this area would recognise the value of our initiative as being a simple means for drawing public-awareness to the street’s architectural heritage, its history and contemporary life. We confidently hoped for their support and endorsement of our venture. Although we did receive a Pat-on-the-Head from several quarters we soon realised that, if our project was to fly, then we were on our own. The choice was to either fill the site with paid-for advertisements in order to cover costs or keep the site clear of distracting billboards; we chose to have the website non commercial and go the altruistic route.  

Having gained many wrinkles plus a small measure of confidence we then set-to and created Elgin Street Parade as a self-sponsored project. This site was launched in 2010 and has since been regularly updated to keep pace with the changing shop fronts. Encouraged by the numbers of visitors to the Elgin website we began creating something similar for Forres and in the spring of 2013 we launched co-sponsored with Nicholson Gallery

You might imagine the huge amount of time and effort which has gone into the development of these initiatives involving the taking and editing of many thousands of photographs, learning how to build the unique website templates, panels and images, plus months of historical research, and then the ongoing maintenance of the whole bundle. Along the way we also enjoyed the many opportunities this brought us to meet with the variety of aspects of high street life including its residents, traders and historians.

Our next Street Parade will feature Grantown-on Spey.

The ambition is to extend the range of towns featured on Street Parade throughout Scotland. We prefer to keep the websites uncluttered and free of advertisement panels; in order to do this we would welcome and greatly value your donation, large or small, towards the costs of maintaining and developing our Street Parade websites for the good of the whole.

                                               thank you.


Harley and Cally Miller

Sluie Lodge, Dunphail, Moray IV36 2QG, Scotland



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